Friday, June 19, 2009

Best of SF New Tech 6/17

For the last few months I've been a regular attendee at numerous Bay Area tech events. SF New Tech is hands down one of the best events for the companies featured, the format, and the networking. With so many great companies presenting I've decided to highlight the best companies each month.

The June 17th New Tech, "Widgets up the Wazoo," included Clearspring, Gigya, Sprout, Sellit, Adgregrate Markets, Toobla, & Transpond. All of these companies had interesting technologies but the two that impressed me most were Transpond (B2B) and Toobla (B2C).

Toobla is esentially a rich media version of Delicious. The site lets you bookmark any content from the web and organize it into folders that can be embeded on other sites. The visual nature of the bookmarks makes them perfect for sharing through social media or on your blog. Toobla also makes it much easier to share things like video playlists or sets of documents from sites like Slideshare, VisualCV, and Sribd. The company did a nice demo at New Tech but unfortunately since they are still in private beta I haven't had a chance to really test their site out. They will be slowly opening up the site over the next few weeks so sign up with your email or check back regularly.

The most impressive B2B company of the night was Transpond (formerly iWidget). The company provides a platform that facilitates the easy creation & publication of applications. They integrate with social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo Connected TV as well as moible platforms including the Palm Pre. Their new platform update is drop dead simple and their flat rate pricing will keep your budget happy.

For more coverage on the night check out today's WSJ article. SF New Tech broadcasts live on so if you can't make it to the next event you can always tune in online.


None said...

Thanks Garrett. Toobla was very honored to be in such good company at the event this week. We will in fact be opening up our site soon and intend to add new features literally every week for quite a while. Thanks for the write up and your enthusiasm for our site. We can't wait to provide all the functionality to everyone. (One thing, if you wouldn't mind, the URL to our site is and it's garbled somehow in your article, thanks!)

Garrett said...

I'm looking forward to checking out the site. I'd like to be able to streamline some of the media I'm sharing on my blog.

The link should be fixed in the article now. Good luck with the site.